“Yes” and “No”


It is vitally important to be consistent with our children. We need to let our “yes” be “yes” and our “no” be “no.” If we change our minds, or cave in to the pressure that our children will use, we are not providing a stable foundation upon on which they can trust, and build their lives, and get along in the adult world.

I read a fascinating chapter in a parenting book recently about the three types of “no.” The author was saying that we might be confusing our kids because there are 3 meanings to the word. One is “Never,” as in “Never stick anything in the electrical socket.” If we want our kids to learn basic safety, manners, respect, or self-control, we need to use the word, “Never,” when teaching them how to behave.

The second meaning is “Not Now.” Perhaps an activity, event, food, or clothing they want can be allowed in the future, but not now. We can clarify that for them by saying, “Yes, later….” or “Not now…” or “Not

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