Two Little Girls


Happy Thanksgiving! A time to give thanks to the one who gives all good gifts: the creator. A time to be appreciative of our many blessings.

Here is a story of two little girls:

One little girl, Emma, begged her parents for months about attending gymnastics class. Her parents had to think and pray about the decision, since her daddy was unemployed for three months recently. They finally decided it was worth the price, and enrolled her for $117.50 for 10 sessions. She liked it and had lots of fun with her friend, Courtney, who was also in the same class.

One day Emma realized that she would miss her town’s Christmas parade, because of the gymnastics class, held at the same time. She pleaded with her mother to attend the parade, instead of the class. Her mother said, “If you earn enough money through chores, to pay me $11.75, then you can miss the class to attend the parade.” Emma had a choice to make.

Courtney had the same dilemma! She loved parades and candy, too. But her parents, after Courtney whined and threw a temper tantrum, caved in. They conceded, and said, “Ok sweetie, we can miss class, just this once.”

  • Which child learned about gratitude?
  • Which child learned about money?
  • Which child learned about how to manipulate her parents with whining and temper tantrums?

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