The Golden Rule


The Golden Rule states that we should, “Do unto others as we would have them do unto us.” It says that we ought to be treating other people the way we want to be treated (not necessarily the way they ARE treating us, but the way we WANT to be treated).

Imagine a husband who forgets to take out the trash. His wife responds with yelling and throws an adult tantrum. She belittles him, calling him names, like “stupid” and “forgetful.” She does this many times a day, for years. How long will they have a great relationship?

Why, then, do we think we can treat children that way? Any yelling, anger, putdowns, name-calling and disrespect will harm the relationship we have with our children.

If our relationship with our children is one filled with love, peace, respect and appreciation, our children will at the very least learn what it means to be in a good relationship, regardless of their own behavior within that relationship.

We must take the higher road. We must be the ones to demonstrate respect. We must be the examples of how to handle our own emotions when others do things, and we feel upset and angry. We can show our children how to walk away, how to take time-outs, how to deal with disrespect. We are the example to them.

For more examples about this, read this fascinating, short article.

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