Support Networks


Who supports you? I mean, really supports you? Who can you open up to, and share the deepest part of your life to? With whom can you be completely honest, and still feel completely loved? Do you have about 7 people in your life that you really trust?

Jesus Christ is a big support to me, and millions of other people. He listens carefully, has great wisdom and insight, and guides me through His Holy Spirit. His word, the Bible, is also a guide to me. It challenges, teaches, inspires and directs my path.

We all need people. God uses people to reach out to you, and that connection is healing. God is love, and when we feel the love from other people, we also feel God’s character. People are an invaluable support in our lives.

Do you share your thoughts, dreams and goals with a few other people? Who lets you pour out your heart, cry, sniffle, and vent with? From whom do you get wisdom and insight? With whom can you share the burdens of life?

Who do you trust, rely on, and confide it? Can you name at least 7 people who would help you in a time of crisis?

I’m not talking about just people who would help you move, although that is a big task, and can be overwhelming by yourself. I’m not talking about just having fun adventures with some people, although that in and of itself can be supportive. I’m talking about trusting, and opening up, and taking risks, and sharing something you think God wants you to do, but you are scared to do it. I’m talking about someone who brings you chicken soup when you are sick. I’m talking about the friend who shows up at the funeral of your loved one, just to pray for you, and give you a hug.

When I say the phrase “support network,” I mean the people who are very familiar with you, your struggles, your personality, your dreams, your goals, your history and your successes. They could be professionals, neighbors, friends, small group members or coaches.

Who cheers you on, and believes in you so much, you think they believe in you more than you believe in you? Who in your life is a safe person, and can handle the tears, the struggles, the joys and challenges of life? Who can you be around, and just be completely yourself, because you know that they are for you?

A therapist can be one support in your life, but if you cannot name 6 others, perhaps it is time to expand your social support network.

Call me if you’d like some support. I’d love to be one of your support network of 7 people.


Faith Gallup, LCSW