Role Models


When children look up to professional athletes, they view a super-hero, of sorts. Many children say things like, “I want to be just like him,” referring to Tiger Woods, or Kobe Bryant, or other celebrities.

Perhaps it would be appropriate to interject a comment about the role-model of that particular sport. For example, “Yes, Tiger Woods is an amazing golfer. He’s a good role model for years of practice and persistence in his sport.”

But I wonder if kids are also viewing them in light of their character. In their personal lives, many professional athletes are not good role models. Perhaps it would thought-provoking to make a comment about character.

Character in personal life is more important than fame or wealth or skill. Character is established by one choice at a time. Character is developed, and affects every area of life: relationships, finances, health, and wisdom.

Challenging children to think through what is important in life is one of our jobs as parents.

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Jaril Faith Gallup, LCSW

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