Racism is learned


We parents have a lot of responsibilities. We have to teach our children a LOT of things: academics, social skills, manners, health, love, self-esteem, and the list goes on. In light of recent events, I want to address parents who care about racism. And those who don’t.

Most children will pick up your attitude and core beliefs about people in a different race. If you tell racist jokes, your children will likely tell racist jokes. If you say, “It’s no big deal,” your children will also think so. If you make comments about people, based on their race, your children will likely do the same. If you say things like, “He deserved it, because he’s just a ……………..” (fill in the blank with your racial slur), your children will likely repeat it, or worse, become prejudice against that race of people.

Why is this important? Because racism is alive in our society, and I will work to eliminate it when I can. I encourage you to be very aware of your own biases, and fears, based solely on skin color. Don’t tell racial jokes. Period. Don’t slur an entire race with your comments or attitude. Work to be open, accepting and inclusive of other people, no matter their race.

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