Parenting Group: Preventing Meltdowns


We all dread it.  Kids throwing major temper tantrums.  They’re bad enough at home, but most embarrassing in public. You think, “Oh no, here we go again!  Why does my child do this?”   If only there were a way to help prevent those meltdowns.

Take heart! There is a way! I can teach you how to prevent meltdowns, choose your battles wisely, and teach your child to be more flexible.  Based on the book titled, “The Explosive Child,” by Dr. Ross Greene, I have put together a 10-session parenting group to explore the various ways we as parents and teachers can help children learn to be more flexible, problem-solve, and go with the flow.

Starting on Tuesday, September 20, 6-8 p.m. in my Long Grove office, we will meet for 10 sessions (20 hours) to discuss this very important parenting topic.  This is geared for all age groups. There is NO homework in this group, and you do NOT need to purchase the book.  Some couples are “sharing” the seat, alternating weeks of attendance, and so they pay only for one seat.

For only $30 per hour ($600), you will learn ways to deal with chronically inflexible kids, how to address a crisis situation before it starts, and help your child learn to express his or her concerns in a mature way. Many insurance plans are accepted, so you only pay a fraction of the fee.  $300 saves your seat at this 10-session group.  Space is limited, and will fill up fast.

Call today to reserve your seat: 847-962-5234, or call for more information.  I know I can help you learn better parenting techniques to help you and your child prevent meltdowns.

Faith Gallup, LCSW, 847-962-5234


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