Kids & Homework


By now, your kids are back at school, coming home nearly every day with homework. Hopefully, your kids are finally back to the school routine.

I will be addressing 2 topics in this issue:

  • Whose homework is it?
  • Routines for Homework success

I know that my little (almost) 5-year old has some homework, and I also help lots of kids and their parents develop some strategies for conquering the homework struggle. ENJOY!

Whose Homework is it?

This newsletter’s subject is: Kids and THEIR Homework. I emphasize “Their” because I know that some parents literally DO their kids’ homework! This is not helpful to the kids.

We as parents need to let go of our children’s grades, homework, chores, and other responsibilities. Don’t we all know the parents who drive their kids’ lunch to them nearly every day? Do you know somebody who slaves over their kids’ homework?

The very best parents care deeply about how their kids do in school. That¹s why it¹s easy for them to start getting over-involved in their children¹s homework. When parents sit next to their kids every night and make sure that they do each and every scrap of homework correctly they create kids who never learn how to think and learn for themselves.

It is absolutely unnecessary for parents to do the child’s homework. Consider these questions:

  • Whose homework is this anyway?
  • Whose grades are they?
  • Who will learn from his mistakes?
  • Who are we trying to prepare for responsible adulthood?
  • Who will learn either: how to be responsible or how to let someone else make me successful?

To quote the Love and Logic people:

“It is far better that a child learn from getting poor grades when they are young than learn that it is someone else’s responsibility to make them successful.”

Love and Logic offers these tips for parents regarding Kids’ Homework:

  • Provide a time and place for your child to learn and do homework.
  • Help them only as long as they are doing the vast majority of the work.
  • Let them know that you will let them do most of it on their own so that they won’t need you to follow them to work when they are adults.
  • Remember that it is far better that a child learn from getting poor grades when they are young than learn that it is someone else¹s responsibility to make them successful.

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