Jesus Christ


“Greater love has nobody than this: he lays down his life for his friends.” Jesus Christ died on a cross to pay for our sins, so that we could be friends with God. He rose from the dead on the third day, which is why we celebrate Easter. His power over death demonstrated that He was God, as He claimed to be (see John 10), and that He has the power to forgive sins through His blood.

In the Old Testament, before Jesus Christ walked this planet, God commanded that an innocent animal be slaughtered, to pay for the sins of the people. In some cases, it was the first born lamb. For other sins committed, other animals were slaughtered. “For the wages of sin is death…” (Romans 6:23) and God knows that He cannot allow anyone with sin to enter into His kingdom. The blood made an atonement for the sin, paying with its life, so that justice could prevail.

In the New Testament, when Jesus Christ arrived, He was called “the lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world,” (John 1:29). It is through the blood of Jesus Christ that we are forgiven for all of our sins, and can be brought into a relationship with God, the perfect and holy creator. Jesus Himself said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life, and nobody comes to the Father, except through me” (John 14:6).

When I was little, I didn’t understand why a perfectly innocent man, who did no wrong, had to die on the cross. I remember distinctly being at a church service where this was explained, and I cried. All I understood was that Jesus, a perfect man, died on a cross. Later, I understood the meaning behind this act of love. For years, I didn’t understand why it was called “Good Friday” if somebody died that day. But now, I know that it is Good news indeed that Jesus Christ made a way for us to connect with God Himself. Easter celebrates His resurrection from the dead, and new life that we can have when we connect with God Himself.

The love and forgiveness is available to all. If you have never prayed to ask Jesus Christ to forgive you of your sins, and want a relationship with God, simply pray and say, “Dear Jesus, Forgive me of all my sins. I know that your blood purchased the forgiveness for me, and that I am not worthy of your love. But I want you to be my forgiver, and the leader of my life. I turn from my sinful ways, and want to follow you. Come into my life, and guide me into a relationship with God, so that I may have a place in Heaven. Amen.”

If you prayed that prayer, Jesus Christ has forgiven your sins, and the Holy Spirit came into your heart. Read the book of John in the Bible, and get into a Bible-based church, so you can learn more about God, and His awesome love.  Have a very meaningful, Christ-centered Easter.

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Faith Gallup, LCSW