Is it Enough?


If you’re anything like me, you’re asking yourself, “When is enough enough?” It could be holiday stress, it could be eating sugary cookies, cakes, pies and the never-ending candy that seems to be available everywhere this time of year. Or it could be shopping for gifts for others.

Enough is enough when you decide it is. Stop listening to the pressure-filled self-talk that is like a slave-driver, ever pushing you forward to do more, have more, be more. You are enough. Breathe.

Enough whining from your kids. Enough spending money on credit. Enough gifts for families and friends. Enough Christmas songs. Enough racing around for the “perfect” gift for my spouse, mother, father, kids, boyfriend, or girlfriend (by the way, there is no such thing as the perfect gift).

Are you tired of running on the treadmill, getting nowhere? Perhaps you need to vent your frustrations with a trusted counselor.

Perhaps I can help you view things in ways you never thought to view them before. Perhaps I can show you techniques that will work. Give me a call, if you’ve had enough!

anxiety resources

helpful websites

  • TroubledWith: Stress
    Excellent collection of resources on dealing with anxiety disorders, as well as when and how to seek treatment.
  • Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA)
    National, non-profit membership organization dedicated to informing the public, healthcare professionals and legislators about anxiety disorders, promote the early diagnosis, treatment and cure of anxiety disorders, and improve the lives of the people who suffer from them.
  • Freedom From Fear
    National not-for-profit mental health advocacy association developed to impact, in a positive way, the lives of all those affected by anxiety, depressive and related disorders through advocacy, education, research and community support.