“I can’t go to school!”


*Kids who refuse to attend school have very special needs and concerns.  Parents are often very frustrated and upset about how to handle these situations.  I can help your family.

Kids who are refusing school are in a different category than “truancy.”  Kids who are displaying truancy often have no anxiety about attending school, do not stay home during a school day, show a lack of interest in schoolwork, and have frequent anti-social behaviors.  School Refusal kids show emotional distress, stay at home during a school day, are willing to do their schoolwork at home, and have a lack of significant anti-social behavior.  Both groups of kids need help, but, I’d like to focus on the school refusing children and teens.

Most kids who refuse to go to school and have difficulty getting out the door have Anxiety, Depression, or other mental health concerns.  After a full assessment, I can help your child learn the coping skills necessary, on an individualized basis. I will work closely with the student, affirming and encouraging their strengths, and set goals for improving their emotional and relational life.

Most parents with children or teens who have difficulty getting to school are often very loving, very concerned and want to help. Parents need to be an integral part of making the necessary changes in the home life in order to help their kids get into the classroom.  Parents are usually fearful of hurting their child or teen, losing their child’s respect, and need to learn skills to handle this complex situation.  I work very closely with the parents of all the children and teens I see, and can teach very specific parenting techniques that will help.

When I first see your family, I will assess all the possible problems that are contributing to your child not attending school.   If anxiety, I can teach your child coping skills to work through the anxiety that often builds to a point of refusing school.  If depression, we can work through the grief and loss so that your child/teen can get back to school.  In all cases of school refusal, I will work very closely with the parents, and teach them new techniques that will empower and encourage the students to return to school.

Please let me know how I can help your family.  There are specific reasons, and specific treatments available, for your student who is refusing school.  Why not email or call today at 847-962-5234 ?  I can meet you in my Gurnee, Long Grove, or Cary office.

*Much of this information was learned at the “I Can’t Go,” seminar for therapists, on February 4, 2011, at the Northwest Community Hospital, based in Arlington Heights, IL.  They have the only in-patient School Refusal program in the nation.  Good people!

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