Happy Grandparents Day! Grandparents serve an important role in our children’s lives. With their age comes wisdom (usually), and a perspective different than our own, about children.

Grandparents can serve as loving, kind, gentle, patient people in our children’s lives. They can teach better than us parents, when they are calmer. The child is responsive to the calm atmosphere provided by grandparents. Because most grandparents don’t have the daily pressures that most of us face as parents, they can provide a fun, positive atmosphere for the children.

If you parents or in-laws aren’t so calm, perhaps you can still benefit from their experiences. Perhaps it’s a lesson in what not to do. Just as valuable to a parent, out of control people provide an example of how not to act, because the parent feels deeply hurt, put-down or blamed. Which is exactly how our children feel when we yell at them. The parent with out of control parents or in-laws has to work harder to protect the child from the yelling, screaming, or negative influences of those family members.

As a fun way to honor grandparents, take a look at what some celebrities are saying about their own grandparents, by following this link (copy and paste into your browser, if needed):

It is a parent’s job to remain calm, cool and collected so that the child can learn how to control his emotions. If you need help in this area, please call me. I know I can provide some practical skills, that you can learn to use in your own parenting.

Faith Gallup, LCSW

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