FAQs - Northlight Counseling

Frequently Asked Questions

When can we meet?

Do you treat ALL Issues and problems?

No, Northlight does not provide counseling for the following issues: Homosexuality Support, Sexual Perpetrators, current Drug and Alcohol users and Divorce Mediation. However we can provide counseling services to victims or loved ones of those struggling with these issues, as well as those who have been in successful recovery, and been clean and sober for over 12 months. If necessary, consult your local yellow pages or insurance provider for a specialized counselor in your area. In addition, we may be able to refer you to someone we know, who specializes in treating your needs.

How long are the sessions?

Most insurance companies realize that the first session takes longer than the subsequent sessions, to get an accurate diagnosis. Therefore, the first session will probably be about 55-65 minutes, but future sessions will be 45 minutes each. We respectfully ask for your cooperation in this matter. Please be aware that there may be clients waiting for the next appointment.

How often will we meet? And for how long?

Each situation is different, requiring differing amounts of intervention.  This will best be determined upon your first meeting.   We typically would meet once a week.  If, in a few months, once a week seems to be too much, we will develop a plan that works best for you–perhaps meeting every 2 weeks.

Some issues can take as little as 6 months, while others can take as long as 5 years. Each situation and person is different, and each requires its own time frame. It is difficult to guess how long therapy may take, and a lot depends upon you!

Will you maintain my personal privacy and confidentiality?

We give the strictest attention to confidentiality and privacy. We never take it for granted that you have chosen our counseling practice. We will never reveal to anyone that you are a client. We take strict measures to ensure your privacy, such as locked file cabinets, private voice mail service, private email, secure websites, etc.

How much does each session cost?

Northlight Counseling, LLC accepts Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois, Value Options, Magellan, Private Health Care Systems (PHCS), Cigna, and others.  In-network benefits vary per each member’s plan, however, a large percentage of the fee is covered (typically 80-100%).  Out of Network insurance typically covers 50% of the fee.  The initial session fee is $200, and subsequent sessions are $180 each.   Fees are not expected to change until January, 2019. If you have no insurance, you must complete the “Low Income” form, and fees must be paid in full before each session, unless other arrangements are made.

What is your therapy approach?

  • Thought processes that result in unhealthy beliefs must be challenged and replaced with truth.
  • A healthy view of life lines up with God’s perspective.
  • We can change only ourselves, not others.
  • We need to grieve our losses.
  • Be real, honest and truthful.
  • Learn to get your deepest needs met from God alone.
  • Learn good self-care.
  • Focus on the positives. Don’t dwell on the negatives.
  • Optimism can be learned.
  • Life is a journey; we must continue to change, grow, move on, and leave the past behind.

What can I do to enhance my success from counseling?

  • Be willing to take risks and try new things.
  • Value the counseling process. 90% of your success will come about outside the time we spend together, doing the homework, and keeping any and all commitments.
  • Be self-motivated and ready to make lasting changes.
  • Accept direct and honest feedback.
  • Adapt any or all of the information/ideas to make it fit best for you and your situation.