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Child Behavior/Parenting

Do you have a problem with your child’s behavior? Do you think your child might have some sort of disorder? Child Behavior is a tricky subject. Not all children respond to all behavior modification programs. But, there is hope. Child Psychology is a matter of finding out which strategies work for your family. Behavior issues can be addressed, with the help of a professional.

Use this checklist to see if you have an issue that I may be able to address with you and your child:

  • Does your child display aggressive behaviors (kicking, biting, hitting, spitting, pinching) to other adults or children more than 5 times a day?
  • Does your child have an anger management issue?
  • Do YOU, or other adults in your child’s life, have anger management issues?
  • Do you think you have a strong-willed child?
  • Is your child out of control?
  • Do you think your child is bad?
  • Have you tried various forms of discipline, but none seem to work?
  • Does the whining drive you crazy?
  • Do you want some ideas for Christian parenting?
  • Do you want to change your parenting style?
  • Could you use some parenting tips?
  • Do you want to increase your parenting skill?

As a parent of a strong-willed child, and one who has studied child development and parenting, I have used several kinds of parenting styles. Behavior modification is one of my specialties, and I would love to help you and your family to create a new parenting plan: one that works for everyone involved.  Call me today to set up an appointment, at 847-962-5234.

parenting resources

helpful websites

  • Love and Logic
    Bestselling author Jim Fay, founder of the "Love and Logic" process.
  • Focus on The Family
    Provides parenting advice and other family issues from a Christian perspective. Founded by Dr. James Dobson.
  • TroubledWith: Parenting Children
    Resources dealing with various common childhood issues and what a parent can do.